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How can I support CWSS?

Become a Parter
CWSS is looking to partner with agencies who can provide VAW services at the co-location centre, assist with public outreach, work with the city to provide local, permanent space, and develop relationships with agencies in Scarborough and surrounding areas for referrals. Interested service providers can email us at
CWSS is always looking for volunteers to help in the following areas:
Graphic Design
Software Development
Community Relationship Development
Public Relations
In-kind products/services
CWSS is requesting your support in donating any products and/or services that can be used to support us and our clients. CWSS is happy to provide information on how you can support the CWSS through sponsorship or team participation. Your contribution is greatly appreciated! Should you have any questions about in-kind donations, please email
CWSS would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for your financial support over the past few years. Since our clinic began at the East Scarborough Storefront, we have provided referrals and case management to the women of Scarborough who would have otherwise been lost in the myriad of services across the city. Thanks to your support, CWSS has been able to provide multiple services-under one roof-in a safe environment. CWSS is now setting to expand its services from one day a week to six days a week. We know that with your support we can fund this and the volunteer workforce needed to make this initiative a reality. We hope that you will consider making this success possible with a generous and much appreciated donation. Thank you for your faithful support of CWSS and the women we help.