Why donate to CWSS?
Statistics Canada estimates that 50% of women over the age of 16 have experienced either sexual or physical violence. Due to cultural diversity, geographical diversity, underserviced public transportation, and language barriers, women in Scarborough face challenges in accessing services. CWSS works with women experiencing violence to connect them to the services they need. By donating to CWSS, you will help us expand our services. Many people know someone who has experienced violence, do you?
Why Scarborough?
Community consultations have shown that a Scarborough woman who is a victim of violence must seek the services she needs from several agencies not only in Scarborough, but across the Greater Toronto Area. It is essential to reduce the effort a woman must make to secure safety for herself and her children. Many women in this situation have been isolated through repeated violent incidents and have few resources with which to effectively navigate the city, especially with children. CWSS identifies which services a woman needs and connects her to those services, reducing the time a woman must spend locating services and increasing the likelihood that she will access services.
How will my donations support women in Scarborough?
Your donations will help women experiencing violence access the services they need to end the violence by helping us maintain our current clinics, open clinics in other underserviced areas, raise awareness about our clinics and provide educational information to women.
How will my donation be managed?
CWSS is a project of Tides Canada Initiatives, a registered charity (BN 130560188RR0001). We value your support, and are pleased to offer tax deductible donations. Tides Canada is committed to transparency and effective fiscal management. Please contact us for more information, or visit our website to review our Gift Acceptance, Privacy, and Accessibility policies.